Hair Loss Services

Hair Loss Prevention For Men & Women

We determine the cause and condition of your hair loss via Trichology, which is an in-depth study of hair and scalp. It’ll help us understand the health of your hair, as well as the causes and treatments of hair and scalp disorders. Then we can begin treating hair and scalp conditions, using a variety of methods such as topical treatments from Capilia and other recommended actions.

There are many biological causes of hair loss too that affect men and women – alopecia, autoimmune diseases, cancer treatment, medical conditions, and stress. Even women who become pregnant may experience hair loss.

Let us determine a treatment plan that is right for you using in-salon care and at-home Capilia products to start you on the road to successful hair regrowth.

Our solutions help both men and women struggling with hair loss.

Hair Replacement Services

If you are experiencing advanced hair loss, non-surgical hair replacement may be right for you. The hair replacement systems we use are natural looking and completely integrate with your existing hair. What are some of the features of our hair systems:

  • 100% natural looking
  • Ultra-thin membrane – no one can see it.
  • Integrates with your existing hair
  • Simple and easy maintenance